Riiid sets the global standard for
AI education
Riiid covers all technologies relevant to education and learning – from leading AI models to a distributed computing system that efficiently runs the models on mobile devices.

Riiid's AI education technology is at least five years ahead of the rest of the industry, a gap that continues to widen. With cutting-edge technology that creates real value, Riiid leads the market in setting industry standards.

The education paradigm shift through AI technology has already begun. Riiid is looking for partners to lead the change.
Modules to support customized
AI tutor implementation
Each of the functions that make up Riiid’s AI-tutor engine is configured as a module, making it easy for further development and quick deployment of new services.

Each module is implemented as a component within a microservice architecture and features maximum efficiency.

Customized AI solutions can be implemented as plug & play by selecting only the required functions that the solution requires.
Riiid’s backend technology
optimizes complex AI functions

Distributed Computing system

AI functions require complex computations. Advanced computing systems are critical for stable product operations in services with heavy user traffic.

Riiid provides an independent distributed computing system based on Actor Model Architecture and Container technology that can effectively perform extreme computations.

Data and A/B testing platform

Data is fundamental to AI. Riiid has built a data infrastructure that efficiently collects large amounts of user data in real time. Riiid provides a real-time A/B testing platform to validate the impact of technology in a real-world service environment.
Unparalleled expertise
in deep-learning AI operations
Riiid’s Deep Learning system, which learns based on user data collected in real time, requires differentiated planning and operations expertise in contrast to general software products.

Through ‘R.Inside’, Riiid operates the world's first deep learning AI tutor, creating what tech investor Peter Thiel calls a ‘Zero to One’ model - a truly new business not simply an iteration of previous business ideas. Riiid provides customers with a step-by-step guide with an established protocol.

  • AI product design that considers data collection
  • Heuristic algorithms for providing initial AI functionality
  • User data collection infrastructure
  • Real-time technology for AI models using data
  • AI and algorithm experiment settings


Step 1


Team consists of industry & data experts and sets collaborative goals based on business models and industry standards.

Step 2


Train the model from existing data (if available) and adjust the model to best fit the data as needed. If no data exists, data collection and model training.

Step 3


Thorough performance verification following prototyping and model modification according to user requirements.

Step 4


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementation and market validation with actual users. Data and feedback to reflect overall product improvements.

Step 5


Product launch