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with real-world impact

Riiid’s proprietary AI maximizes learning and delivers verified results with rapid commercialization.

Riiid is changing the education landscape with innovative research for real-world use cases.

Our AI analyzes

users in less than

5 minutes

Riiid’s deep learning prediction model predicts with high accuracy which answer a user will select for more than 13,000 questions in ‘Riiid TUTOR’ based on the user’s previous answer selection, time spent solving questions, and whether the user has watched assigned learning materials.

The accuracy of Riiid’s Transformer-based deep learning prediction model outpaces all existing models.
Knowledge Tracing Accuracy
(Based on AUC, higher with better accuracy)
User Score Prediction Accuracy
(Based on MAE, lower with better accuracy)
Riiid’s AI can diagnose and evaluate a user’s current status with any multiple-choice based test, ranging from aptitude and personality tests to cognitive and development evaluation.


self-directed learning

Motivation matters in education. Riiid’s AI makes learning more engaging.

Riiid offers the world's first deep learning model that predicts when a user will drop out in a mobile learning environment. The model predicts when each user is likely to stop and at what specific question the user will close the app; ultimately, the dropout prediction model helps users continue learning by recommending low dropout probability questions.

The UI/UX visualization of the deep learning-based prediction, analysis, and AI functions, increases user confidence in Riiid’s platform and thus increases learning immersion. Applying the deep learning score prediction model has improved by 36% the Mean Absolute Error, a common metric used to measure accuracy for continuous variables. The application sign-up rate and the number of questions solved have increased by 3.2% and 13.5%, respectively.

Riiid TUTOR TOEIC® Prep users solve 980 questions on average, which is more than three times the number solved in a traditional learning environment using workbooks.

15.42% ⇧

Sign-up to purchase conversion rate

13.5% ⇧

# of questions solved

3.29% ⇧

App sign-up rate

AI with

real world efficacy

Riiid's AI technology is verified with real-world results

AlphaGo, the AI system that beats Go masters, does not play by mimicking human players but instead continuously analyzes the odds of 'winning' a game.

Similarly, Riiid’s recommendation model, using reinforcement learning algorithms, calculates and analyzes more than 200 million data points in multiple dimensions, guiding users to meet their 'target score' in an actual test.

Riiid proposes a personalized learning route to achieve one’s goal based on vast computations of probability at a fraction of the traditional learning cost.

Riiid TUTOR TOEIC® Prep has already verified the effectiveness of Riiid’s AI system. Based on user data collected over a year, the average user TOEIC® score increased by 165 points after just 20 hours of study. This average learning effect is improving as the algorithms get improved and learn simultaneously.

Riiid is the only company in the world that has developed and applied problem-recommending algorithms to maximize test scores.

"Average increase of 165 points from 20 hours of study"